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What is PRO EYE ?

What is PRO EYE™ Vision Patch?

PRO EYE™ is a Korean formulated herbal essence eye patch using NANO technology that help to penetrate and transmit herbal essence to the tissue around the eyes.


Pro Eye eye care patch are dredging the meridian, strengthening blood vessels and smoothing circulation, enhancing metabolism of eye capillaries, improving eye blood circulation, supplementing eye nutrition, providing a complete health care for the eyes.


The nonwoven fabrics are soaked with 100% pure herbal ingredients and by applying the patch on the eyelid area, the herbal ingredients are absorbed into the eyes, to improve and relieve the eye condition.


All our eye patch products are made of and formulated on pure herbal ingredients, no additives, no stimulants, no coloring, no fragrance, allowing you to use without worries.